Cross Border Experience

Our Beautiful Homeland (2010), installation of readymades by Mililjana Babić
Our Beautiful Homeland (2010), installation of readymades by Mililjana Babić

Exhibition If you’re trapped in the dream of the other, you’re fucked!, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana 2011 with

Milijana Babić, Ozana Brković, Enisa Cenaliaj, Nemanja Cvijanović, Lana Čmajčanin and Igor Grubić, Biljana Garvanlieva Gözde Ilkin (Turkey), Sebastjan Leban and Staš Keindienst, Kristina Leko, Ivana Marjanović and Eduard Freudmann, Alban Muja, Damir Nikšić, Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremić

Screening: White White World by Oleg Novković and Milena Marković

Readings: Bekim Sejranović, Olja Savičević Ivančević, Jeton Neziraj, Elizabeta Bakovska

Music programme: Replikas, Muha Blackstazy, Reverie Falls on All, Cripple and Casino, DJ Chaspa, DJ duo Brat&Sestra, DJ BASIC

Concept, curated by Katja Kobolt

In Europe (and globally) we have been facing not only an economical but also a moral crisis, which is actually a crisis of the political. This crisis has been far more intensified on the European periphery, than it is at the centre. It is obvious that politicians failed in their primary task (as defined already by Aristoteles), which is, on one hand, the distribution of wealth, and on the other hand the distribution of various powers. In a situation of unemployment, precarious work and growing masses of those with no means (aporoi) it is becoming more and more difficult to legitimize the social and political division for the small number of those who have means as well as various political powers (euporoi). The political is therefore changing its place. It is crossing the border from the centre and moving to the ‘shores’. The aporoi and with them also the arts are becoming political. The exhibition If you’re trapped in the dream of the other, you’re fucked!, readings, screenings and music programme presented some of the arti(vi)stic positions towards different aspects of social and political life in the Balkan region as well as in broader Europe. By doing so it reminded us how essential is to maintain the tension between art and politics – as politics of art and poetics of politics can’t come together without a mutual oppression of each other (Rancière).

crossBorder_logo_color_webIn the frame work of the Cross BorderExperience conference, which searched for the (political) subject of utopian Europe beyond nationalism, ethnicism, and colonialism. Initiated and co-ordinated by Lana Zdravković, The Peace Institute Ljubljana 2011.

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