DER FAHRENDE RAUMMobile space for action, art education and art production DER FAHRENDE RAUM  [The Transient Space] will take place in the Freimann, Munich district from 2017–2019, every May to October. The mobile space of action and art project consists of a curated series of spaces of action that will unfold with the participation of children, youth, and adults in this timeframe. The project draws on Munich’s history as an important point of origin in the development of actionist art and art pedagogy. At the same time, it expands artistic practices of appropriation and contemporary interrogations of archival material into the spheres of reenactments and playground sculptures as well as editorial work and printed matter.
At various locations, the artists, art educators, and researchers will create occasions for communal artistic research and action in collaboration with the participants. The interdisciplinary in situ projects and interventions enable diverse experiences of participation by using artistic means to investigate the notion of ‘the public’ and to redefine it. In this context, Freimann offers a rapidly changing field of action: as a point of convergence between urban gentrification processes (Funkkaserne), refugee accommodation (Erstunterbringung Bayernkaserne), the Euro-Industriepark, a refugee arrival center, a railway compound, Motor-World, and apartment buildings, it produces a tension between new and old, familiar and foreign, transit and residence, periphery and center.  Under the artistic direction of artist Maximiliane Baumgartner and Katja Kobolt. Commissioned by the Municipal Youth Welfare Office Munich and in collaboration with the City of Munich Art Council (Kulturreferat).

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