Red Min(e)d

Red MIn(e)d 8.march
Red Min(e)d at 8th of March demo in Ljubljana, 2012

Red Mined is a feminist curatorial collective engaged with researching, (re)presenting, curating and mediating (contemporary) art and feminism. Red Mined curated and produced Living Archive editions (2011-2015) – opening up the form of an exhibition with a help of different tools to bring artists, collectives and the public together, to allow an exhibition to actually ‘live‘, to generate as an interactive space and as a living archive. Selected exhibitions and presentations: MOTA Point and Academy of Arts Ljubljana; Toni-Areal, ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts;, Stockholm; Edinburgh College of Art; 54. October Salon, Belgrade; VBKÖ and Open Systems, Vienna; Human Rights Centre/Sarajevo University Campus, Red Dawns International Feminist and Queer Festival, Kapelica and Alkatraz gallery Ljubljana, REDacting Transyugoslav Feminisms conference, Glyptotheque of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb.

Living Archive, Alkatraz Gallery Ljubljana, 2012
Living Archive, Alkatraz Gallery Ljubljana, 2012

Since 2017 Red Mined moves towards a new practice: symposium. As the most characteristic social fixtures of ancient times, symposium appears here through its primary meaning of off or semi-public space, where people gather to eat, drink, dance and talk, or simply to spend time together around specific or everyday life topics. But with a difference, this time symposium is for everyone. Symposium #1 openend up a space for giving birth to different ideas on non/motherhood.

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